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canada goose She the typical conservative „I support black people” rapped in a black package. canada goose store She supports „black people looking forward” by ignoring factors that suppressed them in the past, and canada goose will continue to in the Cheap Canada Goose Coats future. She „got hers” so she can understand why other cannot follow a similar path to success. She had success in spite of the racism she canada goose clearance sale faced, and as such others should too instead of trying to fix the system in the first place. She also supports economic policies that hurt low income Americans (a group that is comprised of a higher percentage of minorities). She hates on black Canada Goose Outlet lives matters movement (calling Kapernick a coward) in the canada goose uk outlet traditional republican „this isn the way to do it” way. She supports Donald Trump, who with poor economic plans (tax reform) canada goose uk black friday and awful appointees (Jeff Sessions, Betsy Devon) will definitely hurt low income communities. Finally, she does not believe that racism has an effect on the higher stop, frisk, buy canada goose jacket cheap arrest, prosecutions, shootings, of African Americans by police officers, which is frankly just ignorant (seriously, look up the drug use vs arrest/prosecution by race, shits ridiculous).1) Southern Democrats did largely oppose civil rights. Canada Goose sale However, most southern Democrats became Dixiecrats and most Dixiecrats became Republicans.2) Strom Thurmond did indeed give the canada goose coats longest filibuster in history (24 hours) against the civil rights act, but he eventually became a Republican after the Democratic party essentially rejected Canada Goose Coats On Sale him.3) Please provide proof, because I can find a clip of Hilary saying that anywhere.Also you seem to think that the Republican party ran on freeing slaves, but ignore canada goose factory sale the fact that the Republican party and Democratic party switched over the course of the 20th Canada Goose Online century. In other words the Republican party responsible for freeing slaves is closer to todays Democratic party than Republican party.Anyway I just here for the music.”Most”. Of the 21 democratic senators that cheap canada goose uk there were, one actually switched parties. (I think that might be Strom Thurmond you were talking about)That actually interesting, I didn know that. I sure that was part of the „Southern Strategy” canada goose uk shop to get southern states to turn red although the strategy was probably the biggest failure of any president (Nixon) to get votes and was quickly abandoned. However, I was talking about Robert Byrd who filibustered for 14 hours. Think of this like canada goose clearance the Southern Strategy but for Democrats. The myth of the party switch isn even contested. uk canada goose outlet Check out a quick synopsis of the so called „party switch”. It a short video but it not true and moreover, does it even sound like it could be true. Like if you didn know anything about politics, who was in them, what each Canada Goose Jackets party Canada Goose online stood for, does canadian goose jacket it even sound canada goose black friday sale plausible? Hundreds of politicians switching sides just for them name. I mean when has that ever happened anywhere? Imagine if cheap Canada Goose that happened today, all the uk canada goose republicans went democrat and all the democrats just became republican. Like doesn it seem more plausible that in the new world were people aren judged by the government by their skin color that a party would have to do canada goose coats on sale some major public relations work and make it seem like they weren the party of the KKK to have any relevance? The facts are, republicans have always run on the individual, their first national convention stated that they wanted to end polygamy and do away with the evil barbarism of slavery. I mean, all the women in the women suffrage movement were republican or independent and the women suffrage committee aligned themselves with republicans. I here for the music too, I can wait for the two new albums, I highly doubt there won be some type of cock teasing and they won actually come out in buy canada goose jacket June but the party switch is a myth. A myth I used to believe, but I looked into the votes of every single Canada Goose Parka one of the issues the Dems say they fought for and bingo bango, they didn Check this out canada goose.