There are loads of connectivity options including two HDMI ports and it looks really stylish as well. The drawback is that the list price is around $600 but you should be able to find it a lot cheaper than that ($350 on Amazon with a $100 rebate). The 20 inch model is around $250..

The GENDERNET works to ensure that global and national commitments on gender equality and women rights are underpinned by adequate resources for effective implementation. The main instrument used to track bilateral aid targeting gender equality and women rights is the DAC gender equality policy marker. All DAC donors apply the gender equality marker, indicating for each individual aid activity whether or not it targets gender equality as one of its policy objectives.

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Employees allowed to cash unused vacation leave benefits, again depends on the terms of the agreement between the employer and the employee. Absence of a written forfeit policy, however, mandates the employer to pay the employee for the accrued vacation. Federal law also requires employers to compensate terminated employees for accrued vacation time not utilized before the termination.

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