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buy moncler jackets toronto The death of the driver may or may not be part of the attack profile. There are variations to this, of course. I liked putting off route mines (the SLAM in game), that detonate when a vehicle drives past them, on the side moncler outlet online of a quad, then driving cheap moncler sale full speed past tanks to score a mobility kill. After that I finish them off with rocket fire. An alternative is what we called the „Medal of Honor Run”, where you uk moncler sale attempt to get close enough to enemy armour to destroy them with hand placed explosives. This is very risky and often results in your death, hence the name. buy moncler jackets toronto

moncler outlet Depends, specially in BF3 it was kind of necessary in some maps. It is controversial but really: this only bothers people who are. moncler online store abusing shotties just a moncler sale bit. moncler outlet

moncler outlet mall No javelins i agree and will troll if possible vehicles in other ways then. There are way too many fast moving hard metal discount moncler jackets boxes that shoot big bullets and spawns infinitely anyway. moncler outlet mall

moncler coats for cheap Successful Jihad Jeep doesn require suicide, i would argue that it moncler womens jackets is the opposite. You are suppose to jump off at the last minute, throw nade as fast as possible and just spray and pray everyone while shouting something moderately racist (sorry everyone who is now offended, this is how the joke goes and it is actually very, very funny.). I agree that survival is not the main goal, pretty much the cheap moncler jackets mens opposite: die as funny as possible while causing lots of confusion and mayhem. Mortar has to be taken off from there. Also, Metro 64 is just impossible, it is not fun anymore with spamming. I agree otherwise, as few changes as possible; the game is designed to have all of them. BF never understood that there are bloody good reasons to have map and mode restrictions, there are SO many combos now that some of them are game breaking. Mortar Rush is one of them. It requires two guys to fly drones the whole round. And it take one engie with a stinger cheap moncler jackets womens to counter pretty much all drones. I been a playtester on moncler uk outlet BF series and balance is moncler outlet prices about multiple things, many of them are not really related to game. If the game was balanced, it would not have moncler outlet flying things with unlimited ammo, tweaked to be possible to do fly even if you have two left hands. I also not above being a dick when situation requires (or permits), and I don have an issue leaving a toxic lobby, it just a game and I there for fun. I moved off of BF anyways, as I have online gaming in general. Having to rely on others to cooperate for my entertainment has lost a fair bit of its appeal for me. ARMA III scratches my online shooter itch far better now, because I a fan of realism, and, at the end of best moncler jackets the day, war isn fair or balanced, and ARMA gets that. Being shelled by artillery 5 km away and not being able to do anything about it, moncler outlet woodbury or being under air attack, puts an element of terror into the game that I haven gotten anywhere elseHaving to rely on others to cooperate for my entertainment has lost a fair bit of its appeal for me. moncler coats for cheap

moncler outlet uk I with you there, i actually went back to TF2. Team work is quite a bit forced to happen moncler sale outlet there and even when it doesn there is less at stake each round. ARMA takes too long, i got simracing for that kind of need; when you have to focus intensely for longer time with less „action per second”. Over hour long races when it is competitive (=closed league) is psychedelic experience, when your brain just has to give up from that „edge” performance but you still have to function i a high risk situation. moncler outlet uk

moncler jackets canada Means server owner is a heli or jethore. If something, there should be mandatory stingers if cheap moncler jackets that was in anyway possible (i maybe spent the most time in all battlefields taking down helis and jets, those who advance just a bit above noob skillset are way too deadly with them, there are SO many ways to fool missiles since BF2. I think it is impossible to make them fair with unlimited ammo. With limited ammo, replenished only in the base: yes, can be done. You just have to visit a lot of them and put the ones you like to your favorites. It take couple of weeks to get a real nice set of servers. But the best ones are PTFO and have restricted weapons from maps and game modes properly: Rush has to have mortar autokick, Metro and couple of other has to have explosive/smoke spamming restrictions. I agree that the more vanilla rules they are, they better since the game is designed as a whole, with all features like spotting: without spotting, good luck trying to find a well placed sniper. Anti air weapon restrictions are maybe the worst of all, those servers just truly, truly suck. moncler jackets canada

moncler jackets kids I stopped playing few months ago at last, in my server list i had about 20 of them and had no trouble EVER to find one that had decent play and most of them had fixed one or more of the game issues. If you haven played Rush without mortar, you have not played Rush. Think; there are two targets on map that attacker has to touch. We have had a server that made a clan up, and it was one map only with tdm 24\7. Crossfire it was. Map was divided in two parts by the big ass road in the middle and whoever was crossing it, was getting shot with a chance of 95%. Now to the main Moncler Outlet online thing. moncler jackets kids

cheap moncler The smokes on the sever were banned by clan owner. It was only restriction on this server, do whatever you want but NO smokes. Smokers banned immideately. Through out years of playing on server (5) I was wondering WHY, WHY WERE THEY A BANNABLE OFFENSE. cheap moncler coats mens Owner kept silence. Untill at the very edge of the lifetime of game, when population was barely hitting the server cap we have had a wholesome conversation in TS. I was leaving uk moncler outlet clan and asked WHY. WHY NO SMOKES. And owner answered simply. I snipe. I snipe all the people. moncler outlet store I sit in one place and snipe them all, crossing or not. Smokes dont let me snipe sooo. I ban ppl using smokes. and flares. but would have to restock at base. If you destroy them: next spawn will carry whatever ammo was left from previous one. cheap moncler

moncler jackets outlet online I been anti air guy since BF2 (well, just after) and i truly hate that game of peekapoo. On our server the game was always good but god damn trying to keep „no helihoring” rule. yeah, no auto admin can do it so it is only in effect when real admin is present. But kicking out 72/2 guys that only spam with heli the moncler sale online whole freaking round, retreat to wait flares, attack, hide, attack, hide to ad infinitum, that did only good for the game. One hore can ruin 63 other players moncler usa game, it is moncler outlet sale not good even when they are on your side. which is when as a player i start sabotaging them. i don miss running a game server, i couldn ever had any fun or behave badly moncler jackets outlet online.